Breaking Bad experience at The ABQ

The ABQ is one of the coolest (literally, dry ice is involved) places that I have experienced to date. The entire concept is creatively designed by founder, Sebastian Lyall and is based on the hit American TV series Breaking Bad. For those who may not have watched it, in short the story is about a school chemistry teacher, Walter White whose basic salary is barely enough to support his pregnant wife and a teenage son who is battling cerebral palsy. Throwing a catalyst, in the form of terminal cancer into the mix causes White to partner with his former student, Jesse Pinkman and set up a meth lab in an old RV.


Now back to the ABQ, Lyall has used the storyline to build a deeply engaging experience whereby you use chemical instruments and techniques to meth-about and cook up highly explosive cocktails. Once you step inside the RV, you’re given yellow hazmat suits, goggles and a gas mask and brought to your cooking station. The interior and attention to detail is second to none, with test tubes, conical flasks, droppers, chemicals, acids, bases and other apparatus decorating the RV, you cannot but feel like you are actually in a chemistry lab!


You get 2 hours to virtually immerse yourself in the world of Walter White, whereby you choose and cook 2 cocktails in an experiment type set-up. While experimenting you use Nitrogen Cavitation, Dry Ice, N02 chargers or Lapsang Hydrosol Air to infuse and concoct the delicious cocktails, basically causing a load of fog or other impressive reactions to occur!!

From White’s menu I chose to create Walter Jr. Breakfast and the Granite State, and would definitely choose them again! When making the Breakfast cocktail you are presented with a bowl of Rice Krispies, a beaker of almond milk and a side of Orange and Vodka. Strange combination? Certainly. Does it work? Absolutely. You then infuse cinnamon into your almond milk using Dry Ice. Watching the fog rise up and around the conical flask into the beaker of almond milk really shows how stimulating and exciting science is. For the Granite State you receive a martini glass with a slice of ginger and chilli, and a beaker with Vodka, Basil, Avocado, Celery and Apple. You then use Nitrogen Cavitation to infuse the mixture with the chilli and ginger, again this is pretty thrilling as you have to carefully release the cocktail from the container to avoid flooding the work bench.



It costs £30 and I would hydrogen-ighly recommend this experience to anyone visiting the Shoreditch area of London, or as a group for birthday/other celebrations, or as an impressive date idea, honestly you don’t even need an excuse just go and check it out!

Word of advice, as space in the RV is limited and it is quite popular, check the timetable here and book ahead.




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