How to go Viral? PAUSE

How to get your content to go viral? A simple framework to tell a story: P-A-U-S-E

*This post is procrastination at its finest, I have an exam on Saturday and using this as a way to learn the material from my lectures! (Apologies if it bores anyone, skip to the video at the end if you want)

P- Problem: create/understand a problem which your customers have. In Volvo’s case the opening shot of Van Damme’s facial expression, which is sullen and downcast, suggest a problem. The problem is maneuvering large trucks in tiny spaces, or awkward turns. Including the trucks sets the context or environment where the problem exists.

A- Agitate:  Tease out and show why the problem exists, build the problem to be big. The Voice over, “I’ve had my ups and downs, my fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds”. If you’re a truck driver you’ll understand the pain and difficulty of trying to maneuver a large, commercial truck. Van Damme’s facial expressions and the lamenting music engineers the audience to reach an emotional peak, and to visually see that poor engineering actually causes a problem for drivers.

U- Unfold: Create vision of a future state or better offer. As the camera moves to a wide angle, you get a better view of the context, Van Damme split between the two trucks, perfectly balanced. The story is unfolding, literally, giving the viewer a better understanding about what the video message is about. The voice over, a body engineered to ‘defy the laws of physics’ suggests the precision and excellence of these trucks. The images and the song all suggest harmony, while simultaneously entertaining the viewer, and suggesting a solution to the problem.

S- Solve: The solution to the problem. Van Damme hasn’t fallen off the truck which suggests that these trucks are capable of performing the trickiest of navigations. Using ‘Enya’s- Who can say where the road goes’ creates the feeling that these huge trucks are light, peaceful, agile and excellently engineered, and can perform in the trickiest of situations.

E- Enlist: Present the offer. Volvo suggest that by driving these beautifully engineered trucks, drivers will be relieved of any maneuvering difficulties they may have.

If the content tells a story it will not only be relevant and shareable among the specific target audience (truck drivers), if it is interesting enough and worth watching it will be shared into wider communities!


PAUSE framework: Monique Sherret, UCD Lecturer.

Video: Volvo


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