. . Slutty Brownies . .

IMG_3257I recently had to bring some form of baked goods in to work for a charity bake sale. I DON’T BAKE, and would not classify myself in anyway shape or form as a baker, but still wanted to bring in baked yumminess rather than run to nearest convenience store.

So, immediately gathered the troops (ie. wrote into WhatsApp girl’s group) and convened to get as many suggestions of easy/beginner recipes which I wouldn’t mess up ( some of my friend’s are amazing bakers like Aisling, I don’t know how she is able to adult so well but she’s Queen at baking). Brownies came up as an easy option, thanks to Betty Crocker brownie mixes. I googled brownies and stumbled upon this gem of a recipe and I’m not going to oversell.. but these are BEST in the world, EVER.

Get yourself to the supermarket IMMEDIATELY, grab the following ingredients get ready for a chocolatey, oreo, cookie doughy, gloriously smelling kitchen with the dream brownies to follow.


Turn the oven on to fairly hot – 200*C / 400 F/ Mark 6.

Layer numero uno: Grab the baking tray, line with brown paper, get the Kooky Dough (eat a little – just to test) and break it into halves/ thirds. I used my hands to knead press it out as the bottom layer in the tray, pressing and pushing the dough into each corner. IMG_3195 (1)

Second layer: Get the pack of Oreo’s – don’t open it. Take your anger out on the pack by using a rolling pin or any utensil to smash up the Oreo’s. Once they’re in smithereens, open and pour in on top of the Kooky Dough layer – all in (minus the few bits you just HAVE to test) IMG_3205

Final layer: Follow instructions on the Betty Crocker box, basically mix the egg, dash of water and oil into a big bowl and add in the brownie mix and stir stir stir. Licking the spoon has got to be my favourite bit. Pour the mixture in on top of the other two layers and just look at how dreamy it looks. IMG_3209

Place in the oven for 35 – 40 mins and get ready for a chocolate heavenly aroma to pleasantly encapsulate your kitchen, if you could send smells virtually I would play this on repeat.

After 35 – 40 mins remove from oven and leave to cool, but don’t leave the room or else you may come back to find half the brownies have gone MIA.

Enjoy x


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