. . Babe . .

If like me you are completely besotted with miniature piglets and your ultimate dream in life is to be the proud owner of one, then you my friend need to get yourself to Pennywell farm in Devon.

Now as two (not so mature) adults, with no kids or younger siblings accompanying us, it may be a slightly odd thing to do but going to get as many cuddles for as long as you want from the cutest little baby piglets is worth looking like two overgrown children.

Mini piggy model head shots incomingggg…

Rufus work it babe, you’re a natural.

Honestly still trying to plot how I can take this little charmer home with me. BEST day EVER.

Once you arrive at the farm it’s £15 and I guess you could say, every Pennywell spent.

Although the miniature piglets are world renowned and people come from far and wide for all you can manage cuddles, there are so many other animals on the farm that you can allow nibble food from your hands.

Goats, kids, ewes, lambs, baby chicks, rabbits, ponies , hedgehogs, deer, cows, ducks, geese, tortoises…you name it! Had a bit of a snotty run in with this guy though, incase you didn’t know and you ever see an Alpaca, be sure to stand a good bus length back from them – they spit! My (Ben’s) jacket was uniquely redesigned with a slime green detail all along the arm. IMG_3582

Sorry completely forgot to mention the activities. On the half hour there’s always a hands on activity about to take place, goat milking, bottle feeding, ferret racing, etc etc, you literally could spend the entire day mucking about. Get ready to watch pigs fly..over the hurdles at 2.30pm every . single . day!

I will leave you with this cute proud mom snap, I played it on repeat for a good few times after I left.

Lied one more, okay I’m done…


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