Being an International Commerce Graduate student from UCD means that I studied a language as part of my Degree. Who on earth knows why my leaving cert self decided to choose Chinese, but it genuinely could not have been a more perfect fit!

I was one of those children born with the common, infectious feeling referred to as the travel bug. From a young age the idea of not seeing all parts of the world terrified me, what excites me is knowing that there are enough places to discover and travel to within my lifetime.

Studying Chinese meant that as part of my 4 years in college I had to spend one year abroad in China, which, hands down was one of the best years of my life so far. Without a shadow of a doubt I would recommend UCD’s Commerce International Degree and studying Chinese to anyone who hasn’t a clue what they want to do after school. It not only gives you the opportunity to gain an Internationally recognised Business Degree, and a minor in your chosen Language, you also gain experience living abroad in a completely different culture which in my opinion is invaluable.

While I was over studying in East Asia, I got to feed my travel bug, exploring parts of China itself, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, & Indonesia to name but a few. I have written short posts including what to do/not to do, useful tips, must see/visit attractions, FOOD places/bars/clubs, oh and the BEST locations to grab an “instunset”.

To those exploring these places in the future I hope my tips and tricks prove somewhat useful, to those who aren’t I hope that you don’t fall asleep reading them and they are somewhat interesting, if only as a couple minute read to pass the time in work!


The Chopstick Intern x